A Worse Fate Awaits Manufacturing Consent and Terror
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22 May 2015

Article by WN.com Correspondent Dallas Darling "The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened." -Joseph Stalin(1) When he said that "we have to create more ISIS and grow the American economy," Jeb Bush's Freudian Slip was more than just a...

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File - President Barack Obama meets with senior military leadership at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, Oct. 8, 2014.
photo: White House / Pete Souza

updated 30 Aug 2014; published 01 Jun 2012
The ACLU Is a Conservative Organization - Noam Chomsky
updated 26 Feb 2015; published 26 Feb 2015
ISIS: Made In The USA - To Manufacture US Citizen Consent to War V2
updated 04 Sep 2014; published 29 Jan 2013
Noam Chomsky: US, a top terrorist state
updated 03 Sep 2014; published 07 Aug 2012
Noam Chomsky - Institutions vs. People: Will the Species Self-Destruct? - 04/10/2001
updated 01 Mar 2014; published 10 Jul 2012
Prepping Ideas for WCS #4 (Terrorist Attack) by HPFirearms
updated 20 Sep 2014; published 20 Sep 2014
Obama: 'Manufacturing Consent' For WorldWar III With ISIL
Grand jury indicts six Baltimore cops
Full Article Philadelphia Daily News
22 May 2015

BALTIMORE - A grand jury indicted all six officers charged in the case of Freddie Gray, who died of injuries he suffered in police custody, allowing the state's attorney to press ahead with the most serious charges despite criticism that she was part of an "overzealous prosecution." The indictments announced yesterday were similar to the...

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In this Friday, May 1, 2015 file photo, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore's top prosecutor, speaks during a news conference in Baltimore. Mosby charged six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a grave spinal injury as he was arrested and put into a police transport van, handcuffed and without a seat belt.
photo: AP / Alex Brandon

updated 21 May 2015; published 21 May 2015
INDICTED! Marilyn Mosby: All 6 Freddie Gray Police Officers Indicted by Grand Jury - Baltimore
updated 22 May 2015; published 22 May 2015
All Six Baltimore Police Officers In Freddie Gray Case Indicted By Grand Jury!
updated 01 May 2015; published 01 May 2015
HOMICIDE! Freddie Gray's Death, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby FULL SPEECH
updated 21 May 2015; published 21 May 2015
updated 22 May 2015; published 22 May 2015
Indicted: Grand Jury Brings Charges Against Baltimore Police Officers Tied to Freddie Gray Death
updated 07 May 2015; published 07 May 2015
Marilyn Mosby’s Actions Reflect Inexperience and Recklessness - News Brief
In this photo taken March 13, 2012, Knesset member Tzipi Hotovely sits in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in Jerusalem. on Thursday, May 21, 2015.
photo: AP / Emil Salman

updated 22 May 2015; published 22 May 2015
Senior Israeli diplomat says occupied territories belong to Israel
updated 19 Sep 2011; published 19 Sep 2011
Palestine: The Truth About the West Bank Occupation (Judea Samaria Israel)
updated 28 Aug 2012; published 28 Aug 2012
Liberman to Morsi: Peace is Not Abstract Ideal, Visit Jerusalem
updated 12 Jul 2011; published 12 Jul 2011
Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank
updated 02 Feb 2012; published 02 Feb 2012
The Middle East Report with Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon
updated 22 May 2015; published 22 May 2015
Israel's Deputy FM: No Apologies for Our Policies
Court documents: Turkish intelligence helped ship arms to Syrian Islamist rebels
Full Article Business Insider
21 May 2015

A court ruling calling for the arrest of three people in connection with the truck stopped in November 2013 said it was loaded with metal pipes manufactured in the Turkish city of Konya which were identified as semi-finished parts of mortars. The document also cites truck driver Lutfi Karakaya as saying he had twice carried the same shipment and...

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In this Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 file photo, Kurdish peshmerga fighters surround extremists inside a hotel near police headquarters in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq.
photo: AP

updated 22 Feb 2015; published 22 Feb 2015
Syria News 22/2/2015, Turkey’s transgression into Syrian territory proves its connection with ISIS
updated 22 May 2015; published 22 May 2015
Turkish Intelligence Helped Ship Arms to Syrian Islamist Rebel Areas
updated 10 Apr 2015; published 10 Apr 2015
Turkish court arrests 17 soldiers who stopped Syria-bound intelligence trucks
updated 20 Feb 2014; published 20 Feb 2014
19_02_2014 ~ Syria News (EN) ~ Syrian Army destroys mercenary's headquarters on Turkish border
updated 21 Nov 2014; published 21 Nov 2014
Dutch teen who married Turkish jihadist in court after mum rescues her
updated 29 Jun 2012; published 29 Jun 2012
WW3 Set Up ∞ Iran Russia will respond to Syria Turkey War Distraction from Economic Collapse
And the world's most marketable athlete is ... Eugenie Bouchard
Full Article CNN
21 May 2015

(CNN) David Beckham recently celebrated his 40th birthday, which prompted much discussion about the legacy and longevity of "Brand Becks." Ten years ago, Beckham was arguably at the height of his career, playing for Real Madrid's "Galacticos." But now he is reportedly earning more in his retirement than he ever did as a player. This says something...

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File - Eugenie Bouchard of Canada serves to Maria Sharapova of Russia during their quarterfinal match at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015.
photo: AP / Lee Jin-man

updated 08 Jul 2014; published 08 Jul 2014
Eugenie Bouchard Eugenie Bouchard's loss at Wimbledon 2014 cost her millions in sponsorships
updated 25 Mar 2013; published 25 Mar 2013
Maria Sharapova vs Elena Vesnina 6-4,6-2 HIGHLIGHTS & Match Point WTA Miami 2013 Sony Open
updated 23 Jan 2007; published 23 Jan 2007
updated 28 Mar 2010; published 28 Mar 2010
Athlete - Chances
updated 20 Jun 2013; published 20 Jun 2013
17 Year Old Phenom Athlete With 68 Inch Hops And 4.4 Speed "Chris James"
updated 26 Apr 2008; published 26 Apr 2008
Athlete - You got the style

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The People's Voice
John Kerry and Victoria Nuland are warriors, not peacemakers - neocons masquerading as diplomats. They deplore peace. They live by the sword. They foster violence and instability...
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Al Jazeera
It was fashionable during the early phase of the Syrian revolution to predict Bashar al-Assad's demise. But when the Syrian president defied all expectations and hung on to power...
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Huffington Post
WASHINGTON (AP) — A new federal plan aims to reverse America's declining honeybee and monarch butterfly populations by making millions of acres of federal land more bee-friendly,...

Gunfight in western Mexico
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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least 39 people were killed on Friday in western Mexico during a fight between armed civilians and security forces, two government...
photo: AP / Israel Leal
Ivan Marquez, center, chief negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, is accompanied by fellow members of his team, from left, Marco Leon Calarca, Ricardo Tellez, Pablo Catatumbo, Tanja Nijmeijer and Jesus Santrich, during the peace talks with Colombia's government in Havana, Cuba, Sunday, May 26, 2013.
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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have called off a five-month-old unilateral ceasefire in response to an airstrike by the government forces, which killed 26 of its members. “We didn’t plan to suspend the ceasefire,”...
photo: AP / Ramon Espinosa
File - UN Police at the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) lead a security sweep of the UN Tomping compound, currently serving as a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) escaping the ongoing violence throughout the country, 14 January, 2014.
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South Sudanese government tanks backed by helicopter gunships have pushed back rebels from a key oil town, state television showed, as the UN condemned an "entirely man-made catastrophe." Tanks are shown firing as a helicopter gunship on Friday -...
photo: UN / Isaac Billy
A demonstrator faces police in the Musaga neighborhood of Bujumbura, Burundi, Wednesday May 20, 2015.
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Thousands of anti-government protesters in Burundi marched on the streets of the capital Bujumbura Friday, defying one of the heaviest pushes by police to end weeks of demonstrations. Protesters also torched election materials in two separate attacks...
photo: AP / Jerome Delay
Thai police officers line up in the shade as they provide security at the business district in Bangkok, Thailand Thursday, April 29, 2010
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Police in Thailand have taken into custody several people protesting against the military government in the country on the first anniversary of a coup that saw the rise to power of incumbent Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha. According to an AFP report...
photo: AP / Apichart Weerawong
A Kenyan Defence Forces tank on a road outside the Garissa university college, Thursday, April 2, 2015, following a deadly Al-Shabab attack.
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Kenyan security forces have thwarted a raid on a village in northeastern Kenya by militants with the al-Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist group, al-Shabaab. Kenya’s Interior Ministry reported the terrorist...
photo: AP
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) und der franzoesische Praesident Francois Hollande (r.) unterhalten sich zu Beginn ihres Treffens am Donnerstag (23.08.12) auf der Dachterasse im Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that greater efforts are needed to unlock bailout funds for Greece after late-night negotiations with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras failed to yield any sign of a breakthrough. With time running out for a...
photo: AP / Guido Bergmann